We offer a wide Reactive dyes suitable for various textile uses i.e. dyeing and printing textiles. This pattern card gives an idea regarding application technique as well as shades.

Preparation of goods for dyeing : Cotton goods before dyeing must be evenly  desized, sourced & bleached (preferably mercerised) to obtain best results. Before a treatment with dilute Aceticacid (0.5 part/litre) to prevent premature fixation of dye.

Dyeing Methods for "M", "CE", "H" and "HE" Dyes :

1. Exhaust Methods: Dyebath is set at 30-35 0C with glauber's salt or common salt. Enter the goods, run for 10 minutes. Add the dissolved dye & run for 1/2 hour. Finally add the dissolved Alkali & raise the temp. (30-40 0C for Cold Brands, 80-900C for Hot & HE Brands, 50-60 0C for CE Brands). Finally goods are washed off.

Depth of Shade Salt g/l Soda Ash 1:5

M. L. R.

1 : 10 1 : 20

"M" & "CE" Dyes


30 5 5 3
60 20 15 10

"H" & "HE" Dyes




20 gms/litre Soda Ash except for jigger dyeing where 2.5 gms/liter Caustic Soda used.

2. Pad-batch process : Material is padded in dyestuff solution containing alkali & wetting agent & if necessary glauber's salt & batch should be well covered with polythene paper to avoid drying.

"M" Dyes Short
(2 hrs. Batch)

5-30 g/l. Soda Ash (equal to weight of dye & 2 g/l. wetting agent).

"M" Dyes

< 30 g/l. dye - 4 : 1 Soda-bicarb/Soda-Ash > 30 gm/lit. dye-2:1 Soda-bicarb/Soda-Ash, Total alkali should be equal to weight of dyestuff (5 - 30 g/l).

"H" Dyes
24 hrs. batch

5-15 g/l. caustic flakes + 30 g/l. glauber's salt + 2 g/l. wetting agent.

Dyeing Method for Kemazol Dyes :

Exhaust Dyeing : Dyeing is generally carried out with 15 gms/litre Trisodium phosphate as alkali. The dyeing is started in cold with 40-50 gm/l glauber's salt, at 40 0C. The temprature raised to 60-80 0C and alkali added. Dyeing further continued for 1 hour, and goods rinsed and soaped.

Pad-Batch Method : Recipe for padding solution:

X gms/litre


50-100 gms/litre

Sodium Silicate 1400Tw

100 gms/litre

Caustic Soda 720Tw

5 gms/litre for deep shades only.

 The padded goods are batched for 24 hours and soaped.

Abbreviations :

Light                  :  1 To 8 in increasing order. 

Washing            :  1 To 5 in increasing order.

Dischageability :  G-Good; F-Fair; P-Poor.

This methods are given in good faith for reference only. (Without Guarantee)